6 Tips for Preventing the Winter Pudge

Woman's Fingers Touching her body parts, heart shaped fingers

If you’ve been shoveling snow or getting pounded by the unrelenting rain in some parts of the country, you’re no doubt spending way more time indoors lately. And you know what that means – curling up on the couch with a baguette, a glass of wine, and a Real Housewives marathon. We know your game. […]

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Leave My Holidays Alone


Last night, I took the dogs for a walk and noticed that one of my neighbors had already put his Christmas lights up. I didn’t want to get a carton of eggs or a flaming bag of dog shit like some might have, as hell hath no fury like those who detest premature Christmasing. Sure, […]

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10 Ways to Live with Intention


When this summer started, I had great intentions. I would write from home so my kids didn’t have to go to camp. And then something horrific happened: I wrote from home and my kids were not in camp. What used to take me four hours took me eight. Instead of quality time with them I […]

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