My Therapist Must Like Me


I was going on day three at Malibu Summer Camp (aka rehab) and still felt slightly detached from the process.  I had no one giving me guidance, telling me what to do or explaining why my perm in 1988 could still be affecting my relationships. That all changed when a counselor by the name of […]

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Get Your Therapy Group-On


My bedroom looked like a cross between Sanford & Son and Shabby Chic, you know, the trend that caused women to go all crazy and shit over shredded wicker. I woke up in a twin bed with Kleenex-thin sheets wondering if the nightmare was over.  The night before, I admitted I was an alcoholic.  Maybe.  […]

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Denial, Obvi


They call it a spiritual awakening. The moment of clarity when you realize you’re fucked.  They never tell you when it’s going to happen.  Apparently, the gig’s on you. My wake-up call happened on June 3, 2013. I’m usually good at predicting this kind of shit, so when it happened, I was taken aback, floored […]

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Which Yoga Practice is Right For You?


It seems like yoga is everywhere these days. There’s so much of it, in fact, that it can be downright intimidating. What studio should I pick? What style should I practice? And – more importantly – where do I get cute pants?  Before you give up on the idea of ever being able to stand on your head, here […]

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Bust-Boosting Exercises


Memories of push-up bras and jelly inserts hit far too close to home for many of us. The diagnosis is something we dreaded since we discovered Barbie: flat-chestedness. Say no more, Doc. I’d like to be alone. While small ta-tas weren’t something you asked for, it’s nothing that some dumbbells and chest exercises can’t boost. […]

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Benefits of Biking


Ever since you ate shit three years ago in the middle of the intersection crosswalk, you’ve been hesitant to jump back on your bike. Instead it sits in the corner of the garage or your back porch repenting its sins. How dare that two-wheeler make you look like an idiot in front of proud, judgmental […]

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