Moms: Enough Is Enough


The trend of mom-shaming between women is at an all time high. As a writer and mom blogger, I’ve unfortunately experienced this many times over the past three years, and each year it seems to get worse. Some get a thrill being able to voice their opinions because they have the protection of a computer […]

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Love The Life You’ve Got


I have what I like to call the “Ally McBeal Syndrome”. I know I’m dating myself with that show but, if you recall Calista Flockhart as the main character, you know that she was eternally dissatisfied with her life despite her many blessings. I know it’s not a good thing and I’m constantly trying to […]

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My Inside Voice at Work


Sometimes the people in the office can really get on the nerves. I normally have incredible diplomacy, patience, and great days in the office, but sometimes my inside voice really wants to deal with some of these typical office pests. The Brown Noser This clown can be regularly found setting up shop inside the boss’ […]

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10 Things I Miss About Being Young


Once you hit 30, you inevitably start feeling the pull of middle age. Once you hit 40, however, the shit really hits the proverbial fan. This is no joke anymore. And some of the physical changes feel like they happen overnight – the life preserver around your midsection. The gray hair. The crackling bones and […]

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How to Escape a Close or Loud Talker


Two types of people that annoy me are close talkers and loud talkers.  You know who they are in your life.  That one person that invades your personal space and the other who talks so damn loud you can’t hear what you are even thinking. I’m convinced these people seek me out.  It’s like cats.  I am allergic and […]

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Leave My Holidays Alone


Last night, I took the dogs for a walk and noticed that one of my neighbors had already put his Christmas lights up. I didn’t want to get a carton of eggs or a flaming bag of dog shit like some might have, as hell hath no fury like those who detest premature Christmasing. Sure, […]

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Romance-Comedies Are Marriage Killers

couple wedding

I love a good Rom-Com. I especially loved them during my single days, as I always envisioned myself as the leading lady. Come on—you know you did it, too. Sure, romantic comedies are formulaic to a fault but, when you really love the genre, you come to even love the formula. Boy meets girl. Boy […]

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