Leave My Holidays Alone


Last night, I took the dogs for a walk and noticed that one of my neighbors had already put his Christmas lights up. I didn’t want to get a carton of eggs or a flaming bag of dog shit like some might have, as hell hath no fury like those who detest premature Christmasing. Sure, […]

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10 Ways to Live with Intention


When this summer started, I had great intentions. I would write from home so my kids didn’t have to go to camp. And then something horrific happened: I wrote from home and my kids were not in camp. What used to take me four hours took me eight. Instead of quality time with them I […]

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Romance-Comedies Are Marriage Killers

couple wedding

I love a good Rom-Com. I especially loved them during my single days, as I always envisioned myself as the leading lady. Come on—you know you did it, too. Sure, romantic comedies are formulaic to a fault but, when you really love the genre, you come to even love the formula. Boy meets girl. Boy […]

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I Was Being Plagued


I worked my 28-year old ass off to get my PhD while raising two kids and juggling a career as a college professor. But it was kind of expected. I had accomplished every goal early in life including landing a hot husband at 21. One week after graduation, our neighbor died. Unfortunately, she was a […]

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