I Was Being Plagued


I worked my 28-year old ass off to get my PhD while raising two kids and juggling a career as a college professor. But it was kind of expected. I had accomplished every goal early in life including landing a hot husband at 21. One week after graduation, our neighbor died. Unfortunately, she was a […]

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Show me Sign


Before I met my boyfriend, I really had no idea what drug addiction looked like. I’d never even seen drugs before and had no idea I was in a relationship with an addict. I figured out he was having issues with drinking, but once I started noticing habits, patterns, and problems, I knew something else […]

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Fitness ADD


If you’re like me, you have fitness ADD. Unlike in other areas of our lives, however, ADD can be a good thing when it comes to fitness. The experts note that we should switch up our workouts. If you do the same thing, day in and day out, you will eventually stop seeing results. Fortunately […]

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What’cha Thinking About During Sex?


“I have always wondered what men think about during sex. Do they fantasize about other women while we are in mid-action? Are they just focused on moves? Or are they just living in the moment?” Truthfully – they think about sex, sex and more sex. Nothing else. No laundry, or dinner, or calls he needs […]

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Addicted or Just Lonely?

angry woman at man

Many folk consider addiction to be nothing more than a disease or how one is genetically wired. This article is not going to dispute those notions, but it is going to ask you to take another look behind the possible reason people become addicted. Whether those things be cocaine, alcohol, gambling or work, there’s a […]

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Four Relationship Busters and How to Avoid Them

angry woman

People get divorced all the time over what appears to be the big things. Someone cheated. Someone was a crappy father. Someone drank too much eggnog at the holiday Christmas party and sculpted his his chest hair into a unicorn head. The truth is, these bigger issues are often symptoms of smaller ones that went […]

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