10 Things Men Say in Bed that Make Us Cringe


(Disclaimer: Highly inappropriate content) I am convinced porn is responsible for the demise of my sex life at 39. I am not sure where men were schooled in dirty talk but there are just some lines that Venus-Fly-Trap the vagina faster than the E train. Here are 10 of my favorite lines in bed that […]

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The Problem with Following your Passion


I’m not cynical, really. I’ve spent the last decade of my life following my passion as a writer – even when that passion left me broke, miserable, and bitter. Writing horoscopes to pay rent does not a career make. Yet passion is good, and I hope you have it. Passion is what has led me […]

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6 Tips for Preventing the Winter Pudge

Woman's Fingers Touching her body parts, heart shaped fingers

If you’ve been shoveling snow or getting pounded by the unrelenting rain in some parts of the country, you’re no doubt spending way more time indoors lately. And you know what that means – curling up on the couch with a baguette, a glass of wine, and a Real Housewives marathon. We know your game. […]

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